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Metabolic Typing Contributors

Here is some information about the work that has inspired and influenced the creation of  our Functional Metabolic Typing protocol.

bulletRoger Williams, PhD (Biochemical Individuality)
bulletFrances Pottenger, MD (Autonomic Nervous System) Studied how specific nutrients affect the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic branches of the nervous system.
bulletWilliam Donald Kelley, DDS, MS (Enzyme therapy, Father of metabolic typing but only saw the Autonomic side)
bulletGeorge Watson (Father of the Oxidative system)
bullet Rudolf Wiley PhD(Further studied the effects of foods and supplements on blood pH)
bulletWilliam Wolcott (fused together the Autonomic and the Oxidative to create Metabolic Typing as we understand it today)
bulletGuy Schenker (Electrolyte Stress/Insufficiency Secondary Imbalances)
bullet Dr. Emanuel Revici (Anabolic/Catabolic Secondary Imbalances)
bulletCarey Reams (Urinalysis)





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