The first place we start for fat loss and improved body composition is, of course, Metabolic Typing. We want to make sure that the individual is eating right for their type. It is important to create structure and accountability and we recommend weekly visits for a minimum of six weeks. If the individual has more than ten pounds to lose, a longer program may be necessary. On average, men lose between 2-3 pounds a week and women lose between 1-2 pounds per week. In addition to which foods to emphasize and which to minimize, portions are thoroughly outlined. Visual displays can help with this. For example, one serving of brown rice is about half a tennis ball.

Sometimes, food sensitivity testing may be required to further refine their eating program. We recommend using ALCAT labs for this. Beyond this, hormone balancing may be necessary. We recommend saliva testing and we use ZRT labs in our clinic.

Below are the forms that we use for our weight loss program. Please feel free to download them for your use. Your feedback is also appreciated!


Group I (Sympathetic/Slow Oxidizer) Foods for Weight Loss

Group I Tracking Sheet


Group II (Parasympathetic/Fast Oxidizer) Foods for Weight Loss

Group II Tracking Sheet




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