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Formula I, II

Balanced Multi (formerly Formula III)

Formulas I and II are the primary multi-vitamin/mineral supplements used in the initial

balancing phase for the Group I and II Metabolic Types, respectively. Each formula is

intentionally restricted to the vitamins and minerals most suitable for helping to "drive"

the individual towards metabolic balance. Formula III is designed for individuals

who have completed the initial balancing phase and can be taken regularly for ongoing

nutritional support.

Key Benefits

bulletFormulated according to the principles outlined by George Watson, Ph.D.
bulletFormula I is to help balance Slow Oxidizers and Sympathetic types
bulletFormula II is to help balance Fast Oxidizers and Parasympathetic types
bulletBalanced Multi is for all metabolic types, once they have gone through their initial balancing phase
bulletAll Formulas contain the most absorbable forms of vitamins and minerals and come in capsule form


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