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Bio C I & II

Bio C I & II are vitamin C supplements formulated to meet the specific

nutritional requirements for this most important of all antioxidants for the

Group I and Group II Metabolic Types, respectively. Both also contain a

uniquely potent blend of additional antioxidants and bioflavonoids.

Key Benefits

bulletBio C I contains 1000 mg of ascorbic acid per tablet for the Group I Metabolic Types (Slow Oxidizer & Sympathetic)
bulletBio C II contains 100 mg of calcium ascorbate and mixed mineral ascorbates per tablet for the Group II Metabolic Types (Fast Oxidizer & Parasympathetic)
bulletBoth contain Resveratrol, Hesperidin, rutin, and citrus bioflavonoids
bulletResveratrol inhibits all three stages of cancer development--initiation, promotion and progression. It is also cardioprotective and appears to stimulate nerve cell regeneration

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